Monthly Archives: September 2014

Often you just wish…

Often you can’t just speak your mind up. Out of the fear; fear of rejection, of reprimand, of distaste, of seclusion, of disapproval, or of hatred.

Often you can’t just hold onto the person you love, for, you feel holding onto them would mean losing them for good.

Often you just suppress your voice, for, speaking out loud would mean tears, and torture, and hurt, and pain.

Often you just close your eyes to oblivion, for, ignorance sometimes soothes the searing heart and saves from the sight that could sore your eyes.

Often you just dance to the rhythm of the tunes unheard, for, it entrances you and takes you to next level inexplicably awful ecstasy.

Often you just close your eyes to roam around the world that you’re craving for, for, it never is your world that you’re living in otherwise.

Often you just wish you were a dying bird that could fly away like a pheasant to the moon that, like a bride, just keeps gleaming in.

Often you just wish you could be the one who cares not, fears not, craves not; only dares, only achieves and keeps zooming in.

Often you just wish you could be infallible, or a king, a tortured slave, or a master known for benevolence, or how about a wanderer in no man’s land with no tidings?

Often you just wish if you were a wish, one destined to come true, that would make the maker happier than, in the park yonder, playing children.

Often you just wish… that wishes could cease to exist, you wish.