A letter to nobody: Revel in her perfect imperfections

Dearest Nobody! Let me be very honest about it and let me say it all loud and clear! You defy your feelings. You deny your love. You hoodwink yourself let alone the entire universe. And it is rather alarming. You are half dead and it pains me. You live but you are living in denial. …

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I can’t rhyme anymore

“You’re the reason I can’t rhyme anymore.” I always keep repeating to myself that I shall not write about you, not any more. But the moment I stop writing – I have realized – I stop writing at all, once and for all and I write none. I write about you. I write about it …

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Melancholy melody and pensive poetry

Touching notes of melancholy melody, playing over the headset, whisper into the ear so earnest. Moving pieces of pensive poetry, couplet, eulogy, sonnet, elegy, inscribed onto the pages so pretty. Sailing through the eye, hover over the mind. Defy? Piercing through the heart, penetrate into the soul. Set apart? Reminding of blurred images, hazy places, …

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