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Majestic Moon: Hide & Seek

The twilight, blue skies, densely dramatic woods, the mysteriously attractive and fascinating moon accompanied by a solitary star – an apparently insignificant and tiny, barely visible but unfailing, lifelong partner.

In short, when the day meets night, outcome is an absolute beauty.

A little later, there was this moment outdoors; the mortal sight could relish the eternal sight of the full moon reliving its grandiose ephemeral existence for yet another time.

The full moon at its zenith, leading itself to yet another anti-climax and eventually hiding.

A cloud-let, oblivious of the moon’s hide and seek penchant, had been trying to take it over nearby. Silly wasn’t it?

Though making it look even more stunning and immensely craved for, did nothing but added to her vanity a little more!


An eternally exquisite fall

Dry leaves and a woman

Nature’s Grand Finale

Dry leaves.

Yes over there. Lying invariably scattered around the ground and yonder over the green. Others waiting for their turn. Eager to fall.

Why did they fall?

They must have fallen for you. Let’s not blame autumn when the spring is just around.

Let’s assume, they’ve fallen on ground in your awe. They have fallen in love with you. The fall is eternal. Somewhere they eventually belonged.

Winds may scatter them, times may dissolve them into dust rusting them away, destiny may trample them, and fate may crush them under her cold feet. And you may lose their sight.

However, the fact remains that they shall never return to their original state; that of the pre-fall. They never can. They never will. They shall never return to their roots.

The fall is an eternity that is supposed to last a little longer than any other eternity. An infinity that is simply bigger than any other infinity. An affinity unparalleled.

They must have fallen having been tranced and hypnotized by your ecstatically full-of-stories eyes, spirits-ascending smile and exuberant company. They must have saved this far, long anticipating your arrival as if it were nature’s grand finale. Fair enough.

For, you had been bursting with peculiar beauty and grace; invisible that of intellect, thought, mind, heart and soul, and physically visible one too.

It must be your exquisitely uniform, eternally calm, surprisingly soothing smile that they may have fallen for. Or those inquisitively appealing spellbinding smoky eyes that seem to draw majestic shadows on your glowing full-moon-shaped face making it look more elegantly pretty.

Let me steal Kasie’s word and confess, “your eyes are so intense I [anybody would] want to look away… or never look away, I can’t decide.”

Central Park Fall

Central Park Fall – A dream bound to come true