Monthly Archives: November 2014

Kimya – into the oblivion

Kimya, oblivious of what was coming next, fell in love and fell in love with, God knows how to explain and/or personify, the inexplicable. The object of her love was brighter and fierier than the sun; grace more than that of the moonlight and charm as good as that of stars. Kimya’s mortal self, in contrast, was as humble as a setting sun, a fast disappearing new moon visible for a quick run and/or stars amidst clouds hiding. Despite a contrast being as shocking one, the setting sun vanishes leaving a hope of rising again, the new moon of becoming full, and the stars of getting rid of the clouds and attaining the similar lost attention. Kimya’s ascent and zenith meant, with the beloved, a perfect union.


A Paradox – not a poetry

When the stark dark feels infinitely lustrous,
the light an absolute black-out.
The slightest sound sends shivers up your spine,
the most certain even becomes an alarming doubt.
When the crowds seem horribly haunting,
the solitude an only hideout.
The promising sunrise no longer enchants,
a sea-side sunset becomes the best of whereabouts.