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Fidelity! Thy Name is Woman

The exemplary daughter of Thar says no to every luxury simply to keep her sanctity secure and her faithfulness to her kinfolk intact. Obsessed with her motto of devotion and patriotism she protests. Eats and drinks naught, prefers death to infidelity, until she turns into a cadaver. She entreats: “O’ Umar! If I die, take my body to my native abode Malir and bury me there.”


Nobody in their lives, at one moment or the other, might have escaped love lighting their heart and soul. A single fiery touch of love causes the ship of life to sink or stay afloat. In love, beloved is all is seen, no other sense seems to support. Worldly routine no longer matters. However, it’s neither mere looks nor skin-deep beauty that’s mesmerizing to the loving beholder. Love knows no rationale, sets no condition or criterion. Notwithstanding her dark complexion, Laila was no inferior than the beautiful rose-petals or a sizzling starry-night to Majnu. Love knows no bounds and assails without warning. Eyes, drowsy or awake, reflect of the light of love. Even a single thought of love is extraordinarily overpowering; it’s transforming.

If love is so domineering, some questions however are very daunting. What leads to break ups or who is to be blamed for broken hearts, shattered…

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Roshan Mustaqbil

The monsoon floods have always been uncanny in Sindh. When I think of my first year as a Business Administration student at Sukkur IBA, I can recall one of the worst natural disasters Pakistan has ever been hit. In the year 2010, we witnessed catastrophic floods which put millions of people particularly in Sindh at the risk of malnutrition and widespread disease. There was a state of emergency; towns and villages were evacuated on an urgent basis which resulted in 4 million homeless people. They headed towards safer places for refuge.

The flood-affected people settled in the suburbs of the bigger cities and Sukkur, the 3rd largest city of Sindh was no exception. I can recall, in the vicinity of Sukkur IBA, thousands of slums and tents were temporarily erected as a place of shelter and refuge for those unfortunate people; who lost their homes, possessions and properties.

I happened to walk across those slums quite often. The very sight of it saddened me, it tore my heart apart. The dismal state of those slums, young children in rags begging for a rupee, a morsel of food and even a piece of fruit from every passer-by, deprived of education, the scorching heat they were living in, shortage of food, unavailability of drinking water, everything around there could send shivers up your spine as a man of conscience to do something at least if not more.

We discussed and we decided to light a candle. We, in a group of 15, decided to start a project namely “ROSHAN MUSTAQBIL”. We decided to erect a tent-school in one of those slums and teach young children living in those slums for at least two hours in the evening on a daily basis. Our goal was to convince parents, who were living there, about the importance of education and to teach those children how to read and write, and above all the etiquette and teach them to distinguish between the right and wrong, and last but not the least to convince them that begging was never a right thing.

One of the biggest challenges confronting each one of us was to manage and spare time given our pressing schedules of classes. Second was the financial constraint because we had to arrange for books and stationary for those children.

We formed a team of 15 volunteers including boys and girls from different departments including Business Administration, Computer Science and Telecom Engineering. We made a schedule which ensured that each one of the members went to teach in the Slum-School at least twice a week to make it manageable. In this way, the children learned from 15 different people who taught them not only about Sindhi and English and primary arithmetic operations but also about basics of ethics and morality, science and religion and above all self-respect and patriotism.

As far as financial constraint was concerned, each one of the members contributed some amount on volunteer basis initially, and later on assistance by a local NGO was also sought.

We continued with this for about 6 months after we started until those people moved to their native towns after rehabilitation. In that short period, we accomplished what we had planned. We successfully convinced parents about the importance of education. We succeeded in changing the mindsets of children as well. The same children who would ask for a penny before, later greeted with “Sir Assalam Alaikum” whenever any of us happened to pass by. They knew basics about the religion, about their country, ethics and morality.

Our ROSHAN MUSTAQBIL project was selected as one of the success stories from the entire Sindh by Mera Passion Pakistan. The success of the project was attributed to sheer team work, trust and moral support by our institute, Sukkur IBA

An enthralling sight

Sunset by the Serene Rawal Lake Islamabad

Sunset by the Serene Rawal Lake Islamabad

Could man ever find a sight more enthralling than:
A glittering sun that soothes his sight,
A caravan of dancing clouds that mesmerizes his mind,
A dazzling drizzle that bathes his soul,
A towering Margala Hill that lifts his spirits high, or
An enlivening serene lake that spellbinds to ecstasy?
And the moment when this is all combined?
Just imagine!