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An eternally exquisite fall

Dry leaves and a woman

Nature’s Grand Finale

Dry leaves.

Yes over there. Lying invariably scattered around the ground and yonder over the green. Others waiting for their turn. Eager to fall.

Why did they fall?

They must have fallen for you. Let’s not blame autumn when the spring is just around.

Let’s assume, they’ve fallen on ground in your awe. They have fallen in love with you. The fall is eternal. Somewhere they eventually belonged.

Winds may scatter them, times may dissolve them into dust rusting them away, destiny may trample them, and fate may crush them under her cold feet. And you may lose their sight.

However, the fact remains that they shall never return to their original state; that of the pre-fall. They never can. They never will. They shall never return to their roots.

The fall is an eternity that is supposed to last a little longer than any other eternity. An infinity that is simply bigger than any other infinity. An affinity unparalleled.

They must have fallen having been tranced and hypnotized by your ecstatically full-of-stories eyes, spirits-ascending smile and exuberant company. They must have saved this far, long anticipating your arrival as if it were nature’s grand finale. Fair enough.

For, you had been bursting with peculiar beauty and grace; invisible that of intellect, thought, mind, heart and soul, and physically visible one too.

It must be your exquisitely uniform, eternally calm, surprisingly soothing smile that they may have fallen for. Or those inquisitively appealing spellbinding smoky eyes that seem to draw majestic shadows on your glowing full-moon-shaped face making it look more elegantly pretty.

Let me steal Kasie’s word and confess, “your eyes are so intense I [anybody would] want to look away… or never look away, I can’t decide.”

Central Park Fall

Central Park Fall – A dream bound to come true


Shadows – not a poetry

Shadows are beautifully haunting images.
Images that never exist but they really are!
Lights create shadows;
More light and they perish.
Shadows are like desires let lose.
Shadows baffle just as the desires do.
They fascinate at times.
They’re some serious illusions;
Casting magic-spell over your mind and sight.
Brighter the lights, heavier the shadows.
Shift light placement and they disappear
As if they never were.
Adjust and shadows transform.
With a slightest change in positioning of the light,
Shadows lengthen, widen, overpower and/or disappear.
Shadows are, in a way, useful.
They ascertain existence.
The darker side need not threaten;
It simply means light is somewhere behind.
Closer than ever.
Shadows are not meant to be frightening.
All that is needed is to switch sides.
Pursue light rather than dark.
Face light and fight shadows.

No I am not in love

No I am not in love with you. I don’t even know what it is to be in love. Because if ever I were, I would simply act normal, reach over to you, express it and that’s it. End of story, right?

No I don’t believe in “if you try to possess them, you lose them, like forever.” If ever, I were to fall in love with you, I would never lose my mind, for sure.

No I don’t think about you all day long. Even in the mornings when I wake up, you are not on my mind, like totally. When heading for work, all I think about on my way is absolutely not you. Entirely not.

Throughout the day even during any single assignment, I never even attempt making beautifully broken, unclear, blurred images of what you might be doing or thinking, and interestingly never even had a second thought about texting and asking the same for like million times a day. Not even once.

While having a cup of tea, I have never even had a single thought about calling you over for the company. During lunch I am preoccupied in food, why should I even let my mind wander around hallucinating and sharing my meal with you? I definitely don’t.

I don’t think about you for real, even for a single second, not even for mere mili-micro-nano-picoseconds. It hasn’t even occurred to me for once in so many days now that everything is not as it used to be.

No I don’t spend sleepless nights oft times. No I do not dream about the valleys and moons, and swans and sunsets. I am no day-dreaming at all, for like innumerable days. No I don’t even spare my single moment thinking about it for as long as I can remember.

I don’t even reflect on your smoggy, spell-binding, dreamy eyes or adorably fascinating smile. Why should I? Why would I even get into all this dramatic, filmy and unreal stuff, utterly unnecessary rites, and pointlessly worldly, illogical and irrational rituals?

No I am not in love with you, you get it? And no I am not lying, you hear it? I am not lying. I am definitely not lying. And you know that.