Of trapped in the cobweb of woods

Feet entangled in the half green, half dead grass. Vision blurred by the uncertainty of times and sleep perturbed by the unpredictability of life. Haunted by the screaming silence of the surroundings. Dancing a dance of ecstasy. Battling to win over long due freedom. In a reckless abandon. Struggling to break the imaginary shackles around …

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Of whirling dervishes

Amidst the moving cheers of soothing silence, and ambiance of admiration, overpowered – by the quiet reverence of the crowd, whilst the whirling dervishes, whirl in ecstasy…   In the forefront of the whirling dervishes, stands a man, in a trance… humbled by his own humility, and limits of human power, and life’s uncertainty… marred …

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