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Of whirling dervishes

Amidst the moving cheers

of soothing silence, and

ambiance of admiration,

overpowered –

by the quiet reverence of the crowd,

whilst the whirling dervishes,

whirl in ecstasy…


In the forefront of

the whirling dervishes,

stands a man,

in a trance…

humbled by his own humility, and

limits of human power, and

life’s uncertainty…

marred by misfortune,

oblivious – of his own fate…

where he is going to,

where he is coming from…

Unaware…of his own whereabouts,

nowhere he has to go…


spinning silhouettes

behind the scenes,

of whirling dervishes…

ever so charming, and

overwhelming to the eye, and

the awestruck audience too,

know not of the storm, that

assails the somber solitary saint…

struggles inside his mind, and

an unstoppable train of thought, or

an unending  procession

of ‘perhapses’…


perhaps he repents,

all that he never commit…


perhaps he laments,

the love that he lost,

the love that was never his…


perhaps he misses,

the sweet sight of his beloved

who’s long gone…


perhaps he is dreadful,

over the onslaught

of the unknown…

amidst the sighs of his soul,


perhaps he’s ecstatic, and

grateful for all he was gifted…


the moments of companionship,

short-lived and momentary…


perhaps he misses,

swirling of his soul,

and the heartthrob

that he lost…


perhaps he wishes,

to travel back to his past, and

whirl like a dervish, and

forget about all his woes…


perhaps he’s healing,

all his incurable ailment…


what goes inside his mind,

it’s the spectacle of the unknown,

known only the mortal himself…


and yet… spectators applaud and ignore,

while the whirling dervishes whirl…

Whirling Dervish


Claim to Life and Destiny

It is a message. In a world where humans control nothing; it, sure, is a message that somehow we will claim our share in this life.

Humans, bereft of control over their destinies and life events , have nothing but a tenuous chance to pursue happiness. Ephemeral in nature, our desires often turn out to be the farthest realities one could fancy. In such scenarios, we find recourse no where. It seems that there is no abode to seek refuge.

And do You know how it feels when one has no where to go?

7.2 billion people, zillion houses, in numerous cafes, bars and hotels, millions of taxi stands, uncountable bridges and, yet, not a single door to bang! To seek help!

Unfathomable sufferings endured under those bridges, while travelling via taxis, in hotels and bars, in houses among those billions of people, connect us all. But still we have no one to turn to!

Have You ever let it disturb Your stream of thought or pattern of consciousness; how does it feel when one has no where to go?

I reckon it never happened. Why would it? You have this earth and sky, sun and moon, 7.2 billion people, and everything they claim to be theirs, at your disposal. Waiting, cajoling and lingering for Your decree, kindness or fate.

But some of us are now ready to defy the odds.

This lady who once paid her electricity bill by letting her master violate her body and spirit, is not willing to endure it again.

You have made Your choice. Her fate is evident. There is another extravagant electricity bill lying in her courtyard.

However, just like You, she has made her choice too. No matter how hard Your fate tries and how strict the order of divinity is, she has decided for herself this time.

In the face of Your plan,
she committed suicide.

And there is this bulb, which she lighted after Crucifixion of her soul, to send You the message that somehow we would claim our share in our own lives, let alone at the cost of death!

–By a Friend**